Urban Swaras

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9 Responses

  1. Shiku Waithaka says:

    Great stuff! I would have jumped into this family runners if I was to visit Nairobi this week. Luckily, Iam part of them. And a tight one at that.

  2. Amai Olubayi says:

    I finally ran my first full marathon on February 28th 2011, at Mt Kilimanjaro. I drew inspiration and discipline from my urban Swara membership. To enjoy running and to improve your PB, join Grandma Swara and the rest of the Swara crew.

  3. Musyoki Muthoka says:


    I am an avid fitness addict. I met Olubayi yesterday at the Nairobi arboretum and am so much interested to join urban swaras. From what I have read on this website, its very interesting. I look forward to meet the group soonest.

  4. GINA says:

    Please add me on your mailing list. Thanks.

  5. Musyoka Musango says:

    can i know how i can join and get the best running training to be a world champion.muthoka where r u?>

  6. Njeri Mwai says:

    I am a sucker for outdoor activities and would love to be in a circle of friends who meet up so often for the runs and hikes – for fun, socializing and fitness.
    kindly include me in your mailing list.I like the sound of being a swara??

  7. Angela Mwikali says:

    I would like to join this group for fun fitness and networking

  8. Shreekunj says:

    Hi there,
    I am looking to do the Stanchart Marathon this year. Would you be knowing of any personal coaches who could help. Also interested in joining your club on various runs !

  9. jeslo sky shigad says:

    Great Stuff!!!! How do i join…

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