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nairobi city market 2

Nairobi City Market

Updated December 2020 The Nairobi City Market, sandwiched between Muindi Mbingu Street and Koinange Street, is a favorite with Nairobi residents for its butcheries that offer a wide variety of meat products, from the...

Nyasimi working on Kisii soapstone plater 5

Embakasi Village Craft Market

The normal practice when shopping at a crafts market is to select your purchases from the choices on display. At Embakasi Village Craft Market, you have the choice of specifying your own design, or...

maasai market 19

Maasai Market

The vibrant Maasai Market in Nairobi, a true festival of colour and form, offers an opportunity for handicraft shoppers to buy some of the rich collection of African arts and crafts available in Kenya at reasonably low prices. It attracts throngs of locals and tourists alike looking for unique handicrafts to adorn their homes,themselves or as gifts to friends and family.