Sunday Nairobi Hash House Harriers (SNH3)

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3 Responses

  1. Eric Murunga says:

    I followed this from the website ” You can also get information on the running venues by sending an SMS text *311# (for Sunday run) or *313# (for weekend run) to the number 3636 from your cell phone.” and it took me to subscription to gospel ring tones INSTEAD of HASH venues!!!!!!??

    • JamboNairobi says:

      I apologize for any inconvenience you suffered. I have confirmed that they stopped using that sms service, and withdrawn that information from the site. Thanks for bringing up this matter.


      • Night Runner aka B/D says:

        Dear Fellow hashers…
        I am back in Mombasa and ready to revive the Swank Hash, beautiful runs every Sunday..
        Help me pass the info to all your members who visit Mombasa.. 0733775784

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