Hell’s Gate

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  1. robert mukoma mwangi says:

    Very creative and a master piece of information.

  2. Robert Mukoma Mwangi says:

    Very useful piece of information to the last detail, a master piece in my words. Bravo.

    • JamboNairobi says:

      Thank you Robert. I take it you enjoyed your visit to Hell’s gate. I hope others will be inspired to make the trip, and see for themselves this magnificent part of our country.

  3. timo says:

    hey, we are planning to make a visit to naivasha with other 2dudes and our girlfriends but not really sure where exactly would best suit us. we want a place that we can have a romantic picnic and also a place with activities that can last us for a whole day. any advice?

  4. mary says:

    is it a must you have a tour guide in order to hike @ hells g@?

    • JamboNairobi says:

      Thanks for asking Mary. Taking a guide is optional at Hell’s Gate. My experience is that you can explore a little more without one.

  5. Jyremy says:

    I wanna visit naivasha dis wkend wid my galfriend. cn i gt da direction frm twn 2hell’s gate by public means. is there any other cheaper interesting sites 4a memorable one day picnic

  6. JOHN MULIMA says:

    I and my fellow Tourism students from The Technical University of Kenya recently made a trip to this park and the experience we had was just wonderful. The whole thing was awesome! The hike was thrilling! The gorge was gorgeous! The waters were warm! We enjoyed it to our fullest before heading to Naivasha Simba Sopa Lodge, Elsamere Conservancy, Hippo point and the Fish Eagle! We also participated in Corporate Social Responsibility by raising funds that we gave to the Maasai dwellers in the park so that they could buy their children uniforms and books as well. Indeed, Naivasha is a paradise of its own.

  7. Hell's Gate National Park says:

    I love this article.kudos guys for sharing the information. Visit our website and face book pages for more info.

  8. Carolyn Olivia Okeyo says:

    I’m planning to be in Naivasha this chrismas holiday does the Park have bus service like lake Nakuru National Park,,How do we get there by Public Transport from Naivasha Town???

    • JamboNairobi says:

      Thanks for asking Carolyn. No there is no bus service. In Naivasha town you’ll find Matatus to Olkaria which will drop you off along the South Lake Road at the junction to the Park. Many visitors like to hire bicycles and ride in the Park. Enjoy.

  9. Jessicah says:

    How much do they charge to hire a bicycle and ride in the park plus a guide?

  10. Haron koros says:

    Hi,am a student recently completed my course in travel and tourism management and I’m in search of Internship..kindly show how I can get it at Hell’s Gate park,,Thanks in advance

  11. kevin says:

    hi, am planning to have a picnic and scenic tour at hellsgate park but got no idea on how much u guys charge at the gate, any help? (am kenyan)

  12. Ruskin says:

    Visited in July 2015, to update on how to get there and the change in rates.

    Take a matatu at Nyamakima, the fare varies depending on the day and time, we paid Sh 400 one way, (return was Ksh 200 on the same day).

    At Naivasha ask for matatus to Oleserian (Sh 80) ask the crew to show you Hells gate or just watch out for a huge sign. Rent a mountain bike for Ksh 500 (negotiable) then ride a gentle slope up to Elsa gate. Pay Sh 700 for the bike and yourself, (different rates if you are driving or hiking through). Cycle through the park to Ol Njorowa gorge, at the gorge you will pay Sh 2,000 for the long hike.

    There that is your budget guide.

  1. June 13, 2012

    […] Hell’s Gate, Naivasha, Kenya – beware the baboons and be careful during rainy season (flash floods in the gorge) (more info) […]

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