Karura Caves & Waterfalls

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  1. martin mutuma kimaita says:

    i wish to be provided with a secular containing the charges the activities that pertakes there before 28th of this month because am organising an event and would like to bring my visitors to karura forest thank you

  2. Millicent Njoroge says:

    I would like to enquire about the charges, the 100ksh per adult and 500ksh for the guard, who are these payments made to and where.

    • JamboNairobi says:

      Thanks for asking Millicent. The charges are levied by the Kenya Forest Services at the entrance to Karura Forest.
      I hope that helps. Enjoy the hike and sightseeing.

  3. Brigid kwamboka says:

    I want to hold my birthday party in karura but overnight was enquiring 4 the camping charges n are the caves accesible 4 the night

  4. Carolle says:

    Camp charges Please??

    • JamboNairobi says:

      Thanks for asking Carolle. I called Friends of Karura Forest to inquire about camp charges, and they said they are currently not providing facilities for camping. I’ve therefore amended the post accordingly.

  5. s.k says:

    As a picnic site,what activities that are undertaken here?
    Do u offer this service to visitors.
    kindly reply.

    • JamboNairobi says:

      Thanks for asking S.K. Visitors like to take walks through Karura Forest, or view the Karura Waterfalls. Others like to relax by Lily Lake, or watch multitudes of butterflies gracefully flitting about at the Butterfly Pond and other parts of the Forest. Karura Forest is a truly enchanting place for nature lovers.
      We only provide you with information. For a guided tour of the place, kindly contact Friends of Karura Forest (John Chege, 0724-215423).

  6. James githiomi says:

    Thanks for effort you are making to preserve that forest but i would like to tell you i was there about two month ago it is a nice place but i didnt see animals like zebra,girraffe and many other animals why

    • JamboNairobi says:

      I hope you enjoyed your tour of Karura Forest James. I believe your question is directed at Kenya Forest Services. I doubt they monitor this website. You might have a better chance of getting a response if you contact them directly.

    • Mark says:

      I have been to Karura severally, i don’t think you will see Giraffes or Zebras in there but you may see bush pigs, bush bucks, syke’s monkeys, squirrels, different birds, an butterflies

  7. kevin says:

    does someone have to book prior before visiting karura forest with a group?

  8. Grace says:

    Hi, I hope the picnic area is a bit secluded from everything else, I intend to hold a birthday picnic there with some few friends.

  9. mike nandasaba says:

    I love and it is more fantastic to belong i am proud of it

  10. Dennis Ochieng says:

    I would like to know how much you charge for the wedding ground. Wedding is to be held July 23rd ’16

    • LivinginNairobi says:

      I don’t think KFS people monitor this site, so they are unlikely to respond. Try calling them, or pass by one of the Karura Forest Gates to enquire.

  11. ben says:

    hi,we plan to visit karura forest come september from the university.so what activities can we expect to do on that day and the entry charges please?

    • LivinginNairobi says:

      Both activities and charges are indicated in this post. I would suggest you read the entire write-up.

  12. ESTHER KAMAU says:

    hi just to ask if there are more other charges apart from the entry fee of 100

  13. Janney says:

    It’s a lovely place….I would love to come back again

  1. August 18, 2012

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  2. June 6, 2013

    […] Mention Karura forest, and the Late Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai comes to the mind of every Kenyan, since she is known for fighting to preserve this forest. This forest provides a nature trail where you get to see caves and a waterfall. It is ideal for the whole family, and about 5km from the city centre. It is beautiful, make sure you pay it a visit. Click here for more information…. […]

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