central bus station 0

Central Bus Station

The Central Bus Station, situated on Temple Road between Mfangano Street and Uyoma Street, was for a long time reserved for the exclusive use of Kenya Bus Service (KBS), the oldest public transport company in Nairobi...

rowallan camp 16

Rowallan Camp

Nairobi would not be the green city in the sun without a campsite in a natural forest setting. The Rowallan Camp along Kibera Drive is one such campsite. Situated adjacent to the Ngong Road...


Parklands Sports Club Run

The Parklands Sports Club (PSC) organizes a monthly 15km timed road race held on the first Sunday of every month through the leafy Parklands, Westlands, Kitisuru and Kabete suburbs of Nairobi. PSC is a...

Distant view of Mt Olorgesailie 4

Mt Olorgesailie

Situated about 65km from Nairobi, the Olorgesailie pre-historic site got its name from the nearby 1,760m high Mount Olorgesailie. Its proximity to Nairobi makes it an ideal location for a day hike up the mountain. The hike takes 3 hours through dry, rocky country with scattered dryland thorny bushes providing the only cover from the hot sun.

nature kenya

Nature Kenya

Nature Kenya is an environmental conservation organization with the mission of connecting nature with people. They hope through the pursuit of this mission to build a strong constituency for conservation across Kenya, enhance knowledge...


Savage Wilderness Safaris

Savage Wilderness Safaris has been providing whitewater rafting trips in Kenya for about twenty years. They were the first company to start this activity on Kenyan rivers and now offer whitewater rafting expeditions on...

kenya national archives 15

Kenya National Archives

When you step through the Kenya National Archives entrance, you are pleasantly surprised at the exhibition that greets you at the Murumbi Gallery on the ground floor. It is not what you would expect...