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The Nairobi Gallery

The Nairobi Gallery sits unobtrusively beneath the notorious Nyayo House tower at the corner of Kenyatta Avenue and Uhuru Highway. It currently serves as a Museum and Art Gallery under the National Museums of...

Kitengela stained glass window 4

Kitengela Glass

A trip to Kitengela Glass takes you through a rough, bumpy road across scrubby terrain, with a panoramic view of the distant Nairobi cityscape across the Nairobi National Park. When you get there, the stark...

August 7th Memorial Park 0

August 7th Memorial Park

The August 7th Memorial Park at the intersection of Moi Avenue and Haile Selasie Avenue was the site of a bombing attack in 1998. It features a beautifully landscaped garden, sculptures made out of...

Distant view of Mt Olorgesailie 4

Mt Olorgesailie

Situated about 65km from Nairobi, the Olorgesailie pre-historic site got its name from the nearby 1,760m high Mount Olorgesailie. Its proximity to Nairobi makes it an ideal location for a day hike up the mountain. The hike takes 3 hours through dry, rocky country with scattered dryland thorny bushes providing the only cover from the hot sun.

kenya national archives 15

Kenya National Archives

When you step through the Kenya National Archives entrance, you are pleasantly surprised at the exhibition that greets you at the Murumbi Gallery on the ground floor. It is not what you would expect...


African Heritage

The African Heritage, started in the early 1970’s by Alan Donovan, Joseph and Sheila Murumbi, has the distinction of being the first Pan African Gallery in Africa. Joseph Murumbi, Kenya’s second Vice President, and...

Steam locomotives at Nairobi railway museum 0

Nairobi Railway Museum

Have you ever wondered how Nairobi came into existence? Why was it established at its present location? How did it look like then and at various stages in its history? The best place to...

african heritage house 3

African Heritage House

Reputed to be the most photographed house in Africa, African Heritage House enchants all who visit it. The prestigious Architectural Digest described it as “an architecture rising from the sere Kenyan plain like an...