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Local flora on Ol Donyo Sabuk 8

Ol Donyo Sabuk

Revised July 7 2016 The Ol Donyo Sabuk mountain, also known as Kilimambogo or Buffalo Mountain, is situated about 70km north-east of Nairobi, and about 25km east of Thika town. It is a National...

hikers 8

Hikers Kenya

Hikers Kenya was born out of the yearnings by some of Nairobi’s professionals in the ICT industry to get away from their virtual reality behind computer screens, and experience more of the real world,...

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Mountain Club of Kenya

Initially called Mountain Club of East Africa from inception in 1938, this club was reformed in 1949 with its current name. It’s goal is to promote mountaineering in Kenya. While their focus is rock...

Amazing views from the top of Oloroka 1

Oloroka, near Oltepesi

The Oloroka massif standing at 2048m above sea level at its highest (olesekut summit), is one of two mountains flanking the little town of Oltepesi, also known by the locals as Tinga, sitting on...

local flora on ole sayeti 21

Ole Sayeti

For those who like getting off the beaten track, then Ole Sayeti is one such place. A trip to this little known hill on the floor of the Great Rift Valley about 50km from...

forest on ol donyo orok 4

Ol Donyo Orok, Western Side

The Ol Donyo Orok, also known as Namanga Hill soars to an elevation of 2,548m above sea level. Clear mountain river waters, boulders sculptured by centuries of water erosion, and caves carved into the river and mountain sides provide a most rewarding outdoor experience for hiking enthusiasts.