Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC)

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  1. Antony Kamau says:

    what am i supposed to bring with me when visiting the kicc roof top?

    • JamboNairobi says:

      You just walk in, pay the entrance fee, and that’s it. You might be required to show your ID if they think you might be a foreigner, since they are charged a different fee.

  2. Antony Alfred says:

    In another website people said they paid 400 for entrance. Currently being a kenyan native What exactly am i supposed to pay? 150/200 or 400?

  3. LUTETE ALLAN says:

    Hey,My name is Lutete Allan i just want to know the events you hane in march urgently.Tahnk you

  4. Susan says:

    My names Susan and I was wondering if one has to make a reservation before going to visit KICC rooftop?

  5. Tony says:

    are people still allowed up there these days

  6. oscar says:

    if i want dinner or lunch for two at the roof top can it be organised.

  7. karanja mathu says:

    how much do the managment charge for photography on the roof top

    • LivinginNairobi says:

      Sorry we don’t have that information. Perhaps you could give the KICC management a call, or send them an email inquiry.

  8. jamie says:

    what time do you close on saturday?

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