Water Supply to Nairobi

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  1. Mumbi says:

    I am currently working to eradicate this problem in the slums in Nairobi.. any contributions will be greatly appreciated

  2. Joseph Onyango Njega says:

    Its true fatalities due to water borne diseases continue to rise day by day,One solution that I have that the Nairobi Water and Sewerage company can adopt in their systems is a mineral called aqualite,Aqualite is a natural mineral that helps in water purification ,it has no additives ,it helps in eradicating most of the harmfull bacteria such as E.coli ,its a type of filter media most widely used in Europe in drinking water,pond water and sewerages treatment, My company Josab East Africa Ltd located in Kilimani has stocks of aqualite which can be used as a filter media instead of sand,I also stock water purification machines imported from Sweden, all water providers are invited to get in touch with me through my phone numbers 0202341446, 0721439771 or my email joseph.njega@gmail.com.Then we can cooperate in providing cleaner ,safer water to ur citizens

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