Public Swimming Pools in Nairobi

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  1. Javan says:

    a great article…n thanx for including the contacts

  2. Mtoi says:

    Are there any swimming pools that would be convenient for people living along Limuru Road?

  3. mwangic says:

    We also have swimming pools on kiambu road convenient to kiambu road residents. Open to public.

    1. Village Inn

    2. Rock City

    • pkm says:

      any pool along Ngong road?

      • JamboNairobi says:

        Hello pkm. I’m not aware of any on Ngong Rd, but you could inquire from the Sports Clubs in that neighborhood.

      • Daveena says:

        Hi, there is an outdoor pool at the Impala club on Ngong road, it is between Ole Odoume road and the Junction shops, on the left as you are going west. The club has huge sign. Non-members can pay to swim but I don’t know how much it is.

      • Njuki says:

        Kenya Scince opposite The Junction has a pool that is open to the public

    • martha says:

      what are the charges at Village inn and Rock city ?

    • carol says:

      Hi Mwangi, Do you know of any public or private pools along Kiambu Road or in Kiambu where swimming lessons are offered.

  4. yvonne says:

    Hey, this is such a relevant article. Do you know of swimming pools along Argwings Kodhek Rd, Mbagathi Way or Langata Road (till KWS).

  5. Annemarie Musawale says:

    Hi. Your contact for Rowallan camp is a wrong number and the link is not working. Is the pool still operational, and how does one get there from Ngong road?

    • Daveena says:

      Hi Annemarie, if you google Rowallen camp Nairobi, the contacts for the Scouts Association (who run the camp) and the yellow pages listing come up, I am sure you will be able to get the information you need via either of those

  6. soloshikoki says:

    Hi thanks so much for the article. I live in Imara Daima Estate, is there any swimming pool that could be having trainers to train someone who doesn’t know how to swim? How much does it cost. Thanks

    • JamboNairobi says:

      Thanks for asking. The closest public swimming pool to Imara Daima is probably at Panari Hotel. I don’t know if they also offer swimming lessons. Other nearby pools are Bellevue School, CID Training School and Nyayo Stadium. I would suggest you give them a call or pay them a visit to find out about swimming lessons.

  7. AlexM says:

    Great article and very relevant….there is also a pool in upper hill at the Public Service club Ksh200 for non-members

    • JamboNairobi says:

      Thanks for your comments Alex.
      When I inquired about access to the Public Service Club Swimming pool, they said that its not open to non-members unless they are signed in by a member.

  8. magdalene matheka says:

    What are the requirements in order to access public service club for
    a student who has the talent?

    • JamboNairobi says:

      You may want to contact the Public Service Club directly Magdalene, since i doubt that they monitor information websites such as this one.

  9. loise njeri says:

    wow!!av been limited to YMCA,Meridian,Nyayo & Rowalland and coming across this article has really helped me.
    thank you.

  10. PAMELA says:

    i would to know of public swimming pools around umoja preferably with gms

    • JamboNairobi says:

      The closest public pool to Umoja that I’m aware of is at Shepherds, Buruburu. I’ve not checked out the new shopping mall at Greenspan near Donholm. Perhaps they might have one too. It’s worth checking out.

  11. KATE says:

    Chester House charges doubled ,i have been there severally times and been paying Kshs 500 per day,.This has limited the number of people accessing the pool.

  12. kweyu says:

    Thanks for tha info you made enroll for swmming classes @the ymca kudos.

  13. Olivier says:

    Very interesting article, thanks a lot?
    does someone know about a big swimming pool (i mean at least 30m) and open until 8 or 9 pm? i know i am not easy…but working until 6.00pm, it is not easy to find one…

    • tandy says:

      try aga khan sports club, they’re open late-not sure how late but definitely after 6pm. Charges are 400/- per day for adults and the pool is big.

  14. Cyra says:

    Hey, this is a great article, thanks! Do you of any in Westlands/Parklands area


  15. Lina Zee says:

    Hi Any heated pools in Kileleshwa- nice article!

    • JamboNairobi says:

      The closest place to Kileleshwa with a heated pool is probably Laico Regency Hotel in the CBD.

  16. Oenga says:

    Aprreciated your efforts.

  17. Nashipai says:

    Nice article. Anyone knows of heated/temperature-controlled pools within Parklands/Westlands areas?

  18. Myra says:

    Is it possible the pools at Nyayo Stadium or Kasarani can be used by personal trainers at other time periods than the ones stated?

  19. Peter says:

    Hi all,

    I work and live on an estate on Mombasa Rd south of Athi River. Does anyone know of a convenient pool for use on weekday evenings and week days?


  20. Simon Muigai says:

    Very helpful information. Any pools along Thika Road? and their contacts if possible apart from Kasarani & Utalii Hotel.


    • John says:

      Thika rd; Blue springs, Sports view kasarani charges 150 and 200 respectively.

    • Boniface says:

      You can also check out Bible translation Center in Ruiru, Roasters hotel, La Mada and Utalii. Charges are around 200 for Roasters and BTL center. La Mada and Utalii must be much higher.

    • Boniface says:

      You can also check out KU and Jkuat (Olympic size pool). Windsor is also a nice bet. If in Westlands, Sarit Center offers a heated pool.

  21. Anne says:

    Nice article, but could you add more infor on baby pools please within CBD and its environs and the charges if possible.

  22. Ruthy says:

    i really need a place that charges training per day accessible around upperhill area bt even other places i wont mind since i dont have a well defined free time please anybody help

  23. mercy says:

    Hi, is nyayo stadium swimming pool open to kids?

  24. Patrick Mamuu says:

    I need correct contacts for the Kasarani Aquatic, the ones shown here are not going through.

    • Pamela says:

      Hi..Moi Educational Centre has an excellent public pool and baby pool too. Try it!hygiene guaranteed,Warm water, free floaters for kids, coaches available, Privacy for Muslim ladies etc open on weekends ,public holidays and all days during holidays.

      • Maya says:

        What specific time do they allow privacy for Muslim Ladies? I really want to go swimming!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Ruthy says:

    Thanks Mangs,,,where is meridian situated?

  26. mowan says:

    what about along kangudo road?

  27. Njonjo Ndehi says:

    Hotel Boulevard just after KBC charges KSh 400 per adult / child. It’s unheated but the pool is quite long and never gets crowded.

  28. wafula says:

    I am currently a student at UoN going for long holiday of 3months,I was trained for sports at kenya science with great passion for swimming kindly will you offer me opportunity to farther my talent in this field as a trainer?

  29. Pauline says:

    Great piece, much thanks..

  30. raphael Oteino says:

    Thanks alot for this information I have a son who watched some movie on TV about swimming and has been nagging me about going swimming for close to a week. Now am taking him to Blue springs for some training . Thanks alot.

  31. Geoffrey Kamau says:

    I am looking for a pool to use between 5.00 am – 6.00pm. Along Msa road and environs but I would not mind going as afar as CBD.

    • Nduta says:

      Intercontinental Hotel along Uhuru Highway has a temperature controlled pool that is 15m long and is open 7am to 7pm.

  32. mama armie says:

    Very valuable info.Other businesses should take the Que

  33. kisumange says:

    Hi there. thanks for the info about public pools. Do we have any pools that are stickily for ladies in Nairobi?

  34. faith moko says:

    hi,really helpful article. any pools around embakasi tht hve a trainer?

    • Juli says:

      Hillocks Country Club- on enterprise road off Mombasa road has a small but nice courtyard pool.The old Hotel is currently under renovation and looks abandoned, but just ask for the pool.Though the environment looks rugged with construction stuff around, the pool has been under new management, and is always open with water so clear and blue you can’t believe this little gem has been hidden here!

      Why I like it…………………….

      1. Its clean with clear blue water- I’m 4real (when it isin’t they normally fix it fast coz they are pool maintenance experts)
      2. Its Quiet and NEVER crowded (Especially on week-days)
      3.They open from 7.00am-7.00pm(and 6.00am if training)
      4.They have a well trained male and female life guard and also offer swimming classes with different price packages
      5. It’s affordable@ksh200 adults, and less for kids
      6.It’s a convenient choice for a morning, lunch or evening swim for anyone working around industrial area /mombasa road near-GM or south B
      7. The restaurant and cafe is open despite renovations and serves good snacks and meals esp during lunch hour (inquire -coz the bigger restaurant is within the compound in a different block)

    • maureen says:

      who can i contact over there?

      • Juli says:

        First go see the place, then decide – its simple but clean and has lifeguard around- nothing fancy, plus construction(slow) is in ongoing works in the main hotel area. Also check out listed locations in south C.

  35. Nelly says:

    Kilimani Primary School past hurligham, is open to the public; open from 8:00am to 5pm daily. It has a 25 meter pool with a baby pool; not overly clean if hygiene is your thing But has few people and a trainer and they offer swimming classes @ extra cost. Charges are 200 for adults and 150 for kids

  36. Debbie says:

    I wanna learn how to swim please please help, at kahawa

  37. maureen says:

    the number given to nyayo stadium swimming pool is not working.can you please updated working numbers and the amount is needed for training sessions

  38. pollyjason says:

    The Smith Hotels in Rongai opened to public

  39. Juli says:

    Happy New Year to you all.
    Jan was gorgeous with clear blue skies every single day, so enjoy the weather in Feb while you can, you won’t regret when the cold /wet returns!
    Kenya College of Insurance swimming pool situated off Mombasa Rd. in South C.(near Red Cross) Sorry I don,t have their contacts – but its worth it if you are around South C , south B or Bellvue / Mombasa Rd.area. Features:-
    Open to public weekday and weekends.
    Cost – Ksh 200 – adults; inquire for kids
    Hrs -10a.m – 6 pm (confirm)
    Security – Excellent- guards always present at main gate
    Pool – small but has shallow and deep end.(Kiddie pool is partitioned next to shallow end) Water is Crystal Clear blue -ALWAYS
    Life guard -Always present very helpful (ask about swimming lessons)
    Facilities -Snack shop, separate bar area, (Ala Cart, meals served in college dinning area) Clean New Washrooms, New Cushioned Lounge Chairs.
    Ambiance / Environment – Very Clean, Quiet, Professional- most pool users are mature students .
    Another nice option in South C is Bellvue school pool- already listed at the top of this page – bigger with separate adults and kids pool.
    Nairobi has more public / hotel swimming pools than most international cities around the world which may have more private (home pools)- I’d rather share the fun!

    • Juli says:

      Water is therapy -Its no secret! Just immersing yourself or standing in a shallow pool- (you don’t have to be a swimmer) can do your mind ,body and soul a lot of good- for life! And its better when the weather is nice (now)

  40. Tiffany says:

    Very informative. Thank you. Might someone have heard of rates for one-on-one adult swimming lessons in other places?

  41. Chao says:

    is there any swimming pool around nyayo estate, fedha, embakasi?

  42. Benjamin says:

    More pools.
    Visa Oshwal Academy in Westlands
    Westlands Primary School, Westlands
    Hospital Hill School, Parklands
    Rock City Gardens, Kiambu,Runda
    Kenya School Of Government, Thika road
    Kilimani Primary School, Kilimani
    Moi Education Centre! Nairobi West
    Serare School, Ngong
    Brookhurst International School, Ngong, Rongai

    all these are unheated swimming pools, 18-25 metres and charge between 100 and 300 shillings per day.
    They are clean, as in very well chlorinated and maintains the clearness we all want, cool on a Sunny day like today. Though they tend to be crowded especially during holidays.

    I can take you through basic swimming lessons if you want or are in need. Just drop a text to 0751809404.

  43. jacky says:

    Am totally impressed by the article and its fortunate that we could get people who care this much.i am a trained swimming teacher and instructor.if a beginner or intermediate and would wish to learn or perfect your strokes,please contact me on 0722 429 308 or 0737 925 126

  44. George Mbithi says:

    I need swimming lessons. Preferabl in Eastlands. Please advise.

  45. Ciiru says:

    Very helpful information. Wish I had come across all this info during the hot months! Looking for a heated pool where I can swim with my special needs child who needs to do a lot of swimming as part of therapy. Any suggestions?

    • LivinginNairobi says:

      Glad you found this helpful. You’ll find heated pools in Laico Regency and Panari listed above.

  46. Charles says:

    Great work. There is a new one along Thika Road. Named Roaster-Inn(Off thika) before you arrived at Naivas Supermarket, grden estate Road. Unheated. Great swimming pool about 18m in length. Charges 150 for adults. Good nyama chomo. Should include it on the list

  47. Oscar says:

    Barclays Sports Club, off Thika Road near KCA University is another popular venue
    Kenya School of Monetary Studies also along Thika Road
    KCB Sports Club off Ngong Road just before Shade Hotel
    Hotel Boulevard between VOK and Nataional Museum

    I offer
    Swimming lessons (One-on-one) with optional video tutorials.
    Available all days except Sunday.
    Flexible to travel to your preferred favorite pool
    With notice, can get you attractive swimming apparell (costumes and gear)
    And I have great weight-loss tips

    7OI 822 336

  48. John says:

    For those in Karen there’s a large pool 25m at Kenya School of Law Campus, and a smaller leisure pool at the Royale Club across the road.

  49. Franc says:

    Anyone with info for the village market swiming pool,as in charges,time and even contacts

  50. nelly says:

    Thanks for the information its extremely useful. Could you get me the location and contacts of the Mazooni Hotel on msa road? I go-ogled but no info! Also prices of swimming at Kenya college of insurance and sandalwood kitengela. Thanks

  51. Jackson Makutsa says:

    I have a great liking to this site. I am a professional swimming trainer and offers classes to all levels of swimmers. Feel free to contact me on +254 719 701 054. Thanks

  52. HEICH says:

    now this is a useful blog. great idea great content. keep it going

  53. maggy says:

    What About a cheap sauna?whether public or private?please let me know if you know of any.

  54. Wanjuhi says:

    Great article!

  55. Wanjuhi says:

    Thanks for including a good number of options!!

  56. kui says:

    Maggy there is a Sauna at Kenya school of Law next to the pool. Its long since I was there, but I think it was 200 then. 2012

  57. Archer says:

    Hi. Thanks 4 this info. It’s bin helpful indeed. However is there an up 2 date version of this article?

    • LivinginNairobi says:

      This list is not exhaustive but most of the swimming facilities indicated are still operating, and helpful commenters often suggest new places which we add to the list after verifying.

  58. Monica says:

    Very helpful info there. Would you be knowing good swimming pools on the areas of Gachie, Kitusuru, Nyari etc

  59. Redempter says:

    Nice piece of information. For beginners, am starting my classes next monday 23/3/2015 at buruburu primary..anyone care to join me?? for morale..i have a reliable instructor..just 10 lessons at 6k you will be a pro..

  60. Lio says:

    Panari has a great indoor pool.Very big. clean environment ans clean towels with free access to Sauna and Steam rooms…to correct a comment from an earlier contributor…its not a heated pool

  61. Christine says:

    Does anybody know how deep blue Springs hotel pool is.
    Outspan hotel Nyeri has a reasonable size pool. Depth 2.4Mtr by 15Mtr length
    Membership price is 6500ksh for family of 5 per year…. Best deal or what!
    Pool is very private on week days. Open from 11 to 6
    Membership includes.. Access to pool, squash, tennis, discounted rates on food and beverage.
    So sad to leave Nyeri

  62. francis says:

    AM very happy for this information .Am a trained swimming instructor and I offer individualized lessons for any age above 4 years at an affordable charges especially around Thika road Kiambu, & Ruiru. Feel free to call on 0728215547

  63. Cas says:

    Would you be having contacts for hillocks country club

  64. wangui says:

    Very helpful information. Any pools around lower kabete? and their contacts if possible

  65. Francis says:

    Hi guys.,am Francis.,I offer swimming lessons at any place of your if you wanna learn how to swim you can contact me via:+254(0)-704240150.

  66. Daisy says:

    Good information thanks for that… It will help my love for swimming….

  67. njuguna says:

    Thanks for the information,there’s also a new pool just opened along ruiru kiambu road 200m past Tatu city pillars.which designed in a way that there’s are 4pools In pool with a deep of 1.5fts, juniours pool at 1m,teenagers at 1.2m,activities/young adults at 1.2m and the swimmers pool at deep 2.4m and a shallow of 1.5m.

  68. Lish says:

    Thank you,… this is perfect!

  69. Lucasoh says:

    The charges for UTALII hotel are 500 for adults and 300 for children full day.

  70. Julie says:

    We are looking for a public pool in/near Raui Town. Can you help us?

    • LivinginNairobi says:

      I don’t know any in Ruai, but there is a public swimming pool fairly close at Fahari Garden Hotel in Utawala.

  71. malvin says:

    hi am looking i really want to learn how to swim as a beginner can you recommend the best place for that along Thika road to be specific

    • LivinginNairobi says:

      If you go through the comments section, you may find contact details of people who provide beginners training in your neighbourhood.

  72. Chris says:

    Which is a more conducive public swimming pool do u know of am in ruaka

    • LivinginNairobi says:

      The closest to Ruaka that I know of are in Parklands e.g Aga Khan Sports Club. Perhaps someone familiar with the area will provide a more helpful response.

  73. Rehema says:

    Any trainer located along Mombasa road near Imara Daima?

  74. Juli says:

    Happy NewYear All…
    If you were are fan of the long closed lagoon pool at splash ….check out AfroSayari at the Eastern Bypass Embakasi. No water slides but is big and curvy… Has baby pool side. Check out their website or YouTube videos.
    Water is clean.. Clear blue and Fun.

  75. John says:

    This is perfect article for swimming family thanks. Am John sports specialist and experienced swimming coach with over seven years of experience of coaching kids from age 3 yrs to adults both begginers and advanced swimmers for leisure and for competition. Currently located in lavington weekdays. During the weekends am available to coach anywhere in Nairobi. My contact 0724956958.

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