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Entasopia river at Nguruman escarpment 0

Nguruman Escarpment

The journey from Nairobi to the Nguruman Escarpment takes you through the rolling green foothills of the Ngong Hills, a long descent to the semi-arid plains on the floor of the Great Rift Valley,...

Lake Michaelson from the Temple 0

Mt Kenya, Chogoria Route

Updated 12 December 2016 Mt Kenya is the ultimate hiking and climbing destination in Kenya. It is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa at 5199m above sea level (asl),...

forest on ol donyo orok 4

Ol Donyo Orok, Western Side

The Ol Donyo Orok, also known as Namanga Hill soars to an elevation of 2,548m above sea level. Clear mountain river waters, boulders sculptured by centuries of water erosion, and caves carved into the river and mountain sides provide a most rewarding outdoor experience for hiking enthusiasts.