Ole Sayeti

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  1. paul kalaile Ole Nteyierr says:

    The palce is very fascinating. I’m one of the guides to olesayieti mountain. I live just on the foot of Olesayieti. I’m currently studying in Daystar University but I’m always available on weekends.

  2. paul kalaile Ole Nteyierr says:

    +254714155872 is my number-paul.

  3. paul kalaile Ole Nteyierr says:

    There is a campsite/traditional home for visitors that is coming up in Olesayieti mt where the visitors can ome and spent for days. The maasai cultural pactices will be displayed in the campsite. We already have a group of youths who will be entertaining the visitors with the maasai traditional songs. The campsite will resume once enough funds have been found to construct the houses. The campsite is meant for preservation and restoration of authentic maasai culture and to provide shelter for the visitorsFor more information, contact paul Kalaile Ole Nteyierr- a fourth year student in Daystar university
    . My email address is paulnteyierr@gmail.com

  4. Explore, discover, experience wonders of nature in Olesayieti.

  5. Hi Jambo, note that the bus fare from kiserian to olonana has increased from 40 Ksh to 50 Ksh. I’m happy for the many visitors that you have always directed to me to guide them for they have been very good and have appreciated my services. Please advice them to call me one or two days before they come so that I can plan on how to receive them as sometimes many groups comes at the same day in different times making it hard to serve them all. Paul kalile ole nteyierr.

    • JamboNairobi says:

      Thanks Paul. I’ve updated as you suggested.

      • Thanks a lot for the updates. Also kindly add my email address since some visitors suggest that they find it wise to send an email rather than calling due to time differences. It is also cheap to send an email than to call. Sometimes one can be un available on phone but one can be reached all the time through an email. My email addresses are therefore (paulnteyierr@gmail.com) or (nteyierr@cickenya.com) thanks.

  6. Hello Jambo,
    I’m kindly requesting that you create the site for other hiking places like Oloruka, Esakut, Olorgisailie and indicate that I’m the arae tour guide since these mountains are very near to my residence and it is not once have I taken tourists to each of these mountainsd. . These mountains are also very nice to hike and are free to hike and can be accessed just through the same way that one can reach to Olesayieti.
    My hone numbers remains +254714155872 and email address is paulnteyierr@gmail.com.

  7. Ari says:

    There’s some gorgeous hiking around here, especially in June just after the rain has ended. The directions are a little confusing though: the sharp corner you mention, Kona Baridi, is 1.3 km *before* Olonana Country Club. If you’re taking a matatu from Kiserian you can get dropped there, the drivers know it. There’s also a trail that leads north towards the Ngong Hills from Kona Baridi, which offers incredible vistas of the valley (if you stick left) and Nairobi (on the right).

  8. JamboNairobi says:

    Thanks for your comment Ari. Sorry if the directions are a little unclear. Indeed there is a sharp right turn at Kona Baridi, when you approach it from Kiserian. The directions in the post are referring to another sharp turn further on past Olonana. I hope that helps.

  9. moshila peter says:

    I sugest onother hiking option to be started from kona maziwa to ngarroj Hills or from kibiko to ngarooj Hill.Hv been doing this for more than ten years and its amazing.
    Maasai giraffes guarateed to be seen as people hike.other animals that could be spoted are Baboons tomson gazelle dikdik and big Birds such us kori and secretary birds.fruts and water breaks along the way.
    The dailly local activities with the locals living arround this area can be experinced as well.Anyone intrested can contact me via “petmoshila@yahoo.com” or +254725703511

  10. Carol says:

    Hello jambo, thankyou so much for such helpful information..i was looking for places to hike so as to take my group and this site offered a great deal of info..a week ago i got to take my hiking group to ole sayeti and so i took the contacts of paul from this site

  11. Carol says:

    Paul was an amazing guide and so was his family…i communicated with him 3wks prior to our visit and he was so helpful and hospitable..he even assisted in making lunch arrangements for my group..he even went out of his way to wait for us at kisamis so that we could easily find öur way to ole sayeti…

  12. Carol says:

    My group enjoyed the visit to the place and so did i…paul i know i said thank you but i still have to say it here again..thanks a lot,i appreciated your efforts and may God bless you…….i highly recommend paul as the guide and also ole sayeti as a fun place to hike…thugh you need to be very high spirited to finish the hike at the place….we totally loved hiking at ole sayeti and we are löoking forward to hiking ol donyo sabuk end of this month …THANKS JAMBO NAIROBI FOR SUCH DETAILED INFO ON LIVING IN NAIROBI…am looking forward to Hiking more places in our lovely country KENYA…

    • JamboNairobi says:

      I’m glad you found our website useful, and had a great time hiking this part of the country. Thanks for letting us know Carol.

  13. paul Kalile says:

    Thank you so much Carol for thanking me for being your guide! I also enjoyed hiking with you. God bless you.
    Paul Kalaile Nteyierr- The famous Guide

  14. Idah says:

    Oh wow, just come across the glory that is this website! So well done & helpful. Book marked it. Good good job.

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