Kwea Milele

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  1. Wyclife Adolwa says:

    Kindly join us for the below event. Follow link for more details…..


    • Mercy says:

      December maiden trip with has never been the same since!! I have made some life long pals, had many a great laughs and visited places I never thought possible. Looking forward to more. Live long KWEA 🙂

  2. Maxim says:

    Formally known as Hikers Anonymous, Kwea has been a place for young professionals and also mature individuals to mingle, interact and network. A fun experience with full of adventure is the least you can expect…
    Join this Group as we hike for a self fulfilment purpose. #Why I Climb

  3. Evie Makanga says:

    A proud Kwerian from 8th October 2011 till forever.

  4. ngure andrew says:

    A memorable experience

  5. Kimathi-Mandevu says:

    Each KWEA hike is an experience without words, only taking part can explain how it feels…. Hooked Milele

  6. Wyclife Adolwa says:

    We have an upcoming event to Suswa hills scheduled for 1st and 2nd June. Follow the link below for more details:


    You’re all welcomed.

  7. Ngure Andrew says:

    Join Kwea Milele in the next hike this Year 2014


  8. Kwea Milele says:

    @kwea_milele: Lets stay on the trail, take a hike #whyiclimb song, @chikoleko @Mitsmann @evemakanga @gracawangu @MuthoniMwariri

  9. Mirna Davis says:

    I’m been leaving in Nairobi since last year and love walking and hiking’s, and want to know what are the requirements to join your group?
    I’m not professional just a mom who loves the outdoors.
    Looking to hear from you,

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