Nairobi City Market

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  1. I have been to the City Market in Nairobi Kenya and I absolutely loved it. I went there three times in my 10 day mission trip and bought a whole suitcase and carry on bag full of suvioneers. I bought authentic hand made Dashiki men’s shirts and Dashiki women’s dresses for myself, Hand carved soap stone chess sets for my nephew’s, jewelry, African sandals, and all of the items I bout have held up to the highest had made standards. I definitely am planning to go there a few times again when I bring my New husband to Nairobi Kenya this summer July 12, 2015 If you ever go to Nairobi go there it is a true experience you will regret missing. Aside from that you will be supporting poor families make an income to provide for their family. Most Africans earn about $ 60.00 a month income enough to pay rent, but not enough to buy essential food and cloths for their children and themselves.


    Wish to know if indeed its a gazetted monument and if the gazett notice to that effect

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